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• Make your submissions relevant to the health or home remedies. Make submissions useful and fun with good spelling and grammar and at least 300 words.
• All posts must be family friendly and we reserve the right to refuse to publish any post submitted. After your guest post is reviewed and approved we will then determine which blog it would best fit on and then publish it.
• You are allowed to use links in your posts, but no more than 2.

This is Content We Will Accept:
• Unique Content: This means that it should not be published elsewhere! We will check all submissions to verify it is unique and that it is not published anywhere else on the web!
• Published on Your Own Blog: While we are looking for unique content as mention above, we will now accept content that has been published on your own blog – but only if it’s been published on just your blog and nowhere else.
• Beneficial Content: Your submission should be informative and offer our readers some sort of benefit.
This is Content We Will Not Accept:
• Duplicate content: As mentioned above, we are looking for unique content only.
• Profanity: The Faithful Bloggers Network is a Christian based, family friendly network and will not tolerate profanity.
• Poorly Written: We will not publish any posts that have numerous typos or grammar errors.
Just send your article to this email Anderson


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