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Wedge Networks, an innovator providing a network content security technology platform (WedgeOSTM) for service providers and enterprises, today announced that Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Wedge Networks’ WedgeOS platform the 2012 Hot Companies and Best Products Award winner in the category Cloud Security.

Wedge Networks’ WedgeOS platform provides cloud service providers, enterprises, ISPs and content service providers a solution to easily and rapidly build out cloud services for anti-malware, anti-spam, content control, data loss prevention and mobile security. With full content inspection for network application traffic in real-time, WedgeOS provides a cost-effective platform to eliminate inbound and outbound harmful content by building a security infrastructure at the network layer.

Wedge Networks’ pioneering and patented invention of real-time, high speed Deep Content Inspection allows organizations to protect against new, emerging and rapidly changing Web threats that traditional scanning methods have difficulty intercepting and controlling. With the WedgeOS platform, service providers can roll out security solutions that ensure service continuity, compliance and customer satisfaction. Built with the future of the Internet in mind, the WedgeOS platform is the industry’s first solution to provide security for the emerging HTML5 standard.

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Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO, Wedge Networks, said: “Cloud service providers require infrastructure solutions that provide scalability, manageability, transparent integration and real-time performance that complies with data regulations and alleviates end-users’ hesitation about releasing confidential personal and corporate data to a remote site. Wedge Networks’ WedgeOS platform gives cloud service providers a competitive edge by securing Data-in-Motion to and from the cloud.”

About Wedge Networks With patented Deep Content Inspection-based technology, Wedge Networks offers a network content security technology platform (WedgeOS) for service providers and enterprises. With Wedge Networks, operators of large networks are able to protect their infrastructure and deliver security services to end-users without compromising performance or security detection accuracy. Delivered in an appliance form factor on industry standard hardware or a virtual appliance, WedgeOS and Wedge Threat Intelligence Services deliver unparalleled performance and visibility, allowing up-to-the-minute advanced security services to be applied in real-time to IP packets and MIME objects that flow through the networks. Wedge solutions turn conventional security services, such as anti-malware, anti-spam, web classification, data loss prevention, botnet detection, mobile security protection and regulatory compliance enforcement into well packaged, plug-and-play turnkey security service offerings that can be effectively delivered by these service providers to large populations of end-users. For more information, visit

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