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Securing the data in a network is always very important because you may lose the privacy if your data content has no security. There are some companies that provide security services for IT organizations. You can find them in your local adverts. You can also search over internet if anyone can provide you services online. Clone systems is a kind of company that provides these services.
Network security is a high priority because many hackers try to infect as many computers possible so they can get an arm of zombie machines for attacks. For corporations, its to stop industry sabotage and/or espionage. Imagine what happens if they lost network integrity at banks, power grids, stock exchanges, etc.
How would you like multiple people on your network connection, hogging up your internet and slowing everything down? How would you like people constantly crashing your internet? How would you like getting a huge bill from your ISP? How would you like people logging all the information going through your network and ruin your credit, steal your identity, etc?
In a way, this is like a car mechanic, except for computers:They make sure no bad things occur, and fix all issues before they arise.Also, NW Security ensures people don’t go on illegal sites.

Nothing bad can really happen. Unless you have a wired network. It is highly unlikely some one will have access to your information. The only real benefit I see from having a secure wireless network is to avoid others from using your wi-fi connection.
Amongst the nasties that can happen are
1) Someone uses you as a gateway to the Internet. If you have a limit/month on downloads you might find yourself way over the top in a very short time.
2) Someone accesses your router, changes various parameters and then sets a password. You can always reset the router but from your question I doubt if you would know what was happening when your Internet access suddenly stopped.
An unsecured network is open to attack from any number of happy go lucky idiots who at the very least benefit from free internet access via your freely provided service – If your ISP imposes usage limits for the service they provide to you, then your limit will mysteriously be eaten up before your expected limit is reached, meaning that you will incur additional costs for every byte over your limit, to real hackers who will use your stored information for illegal purposes. You may be lumbered with unexpected bills – goods, etc all of which will have to be paid for by yourself.